Painless Dental Injections

The CompuDent System removes the pain and anxiety from dental injections

We know that one of our patients concerns about going to the dentist is the pain often associated with it. Dr. Poore uses the CompuDent Wand system for local anesthesia which helps to remove the pain from dental injections.

CompuDent is a computer controlled means of delivering local anesthesia. It maintains a steady flow of anesthesia which drastically decreases any discomfort.

The needle at the end of the wand is much smaller than a conventional syringe. In fact, this system doesn’t even look like a needle. It looks more like a small computer tower with a ball point pen attached.

CompuDent Wand is different than the traditional hand syringe. A traditional syringe delivers a low volume of anesthesia at a high pressure which can cause pain. The wand delivers a larger volume of anesthesia at a lower pressure which means a more comfortable injection.

Researchers have found that the CompuDent Wand system induces less anxiety than any other injection method because it doesn’t look like a conventional syringe (Kudo et al, 2001).

With the CompuDent Wand system Dr. Poore is more efficient and more accurate which means a better dental experience for our patients.