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Gigo’s Dental Lab

Every patient’s needs are different. However, one thing remains the same from patient to patient: the need for excellent dental care. Part of providing excellent dental care is utilizing exceptional dental labs. We have been working with Gigo’s Dental Lab since it first opened in 2005 and continued working with them when they moved out of state because of the quality of restorations.

About the lab:

Gigo’s Dental Lab has been in operation since 2005. We are located in Lenoir, North Carolina at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We offer traditional crown and bridges as well as restorations that demand the most advanced materials and cutting edge technology. Gigo’s Dental Lab focuses on quality craftsmanship to deliver esthetic, accurate, and durable restorations. As an extended part of the dental team we are also committed to the patient’s comfort and well-being.

Denal Lab

About Chris:


Chris Hernandez is a native from Peru. He moved to this country at the age of 14. He studied Dental Technology at RCC, Riverside CA. Under the tutelage of his teacher Greg Juarez, who was Dr. Poore’s lab technician since Dr. Poore began his practice, and guidance from Dr. Poore, opened his dental laboratory soon after he finished his studies. Three years later, he moved to Lenoir NC, where he resides with his lovely wife Gigi, and their 2 boys, Andrew 9, Kyle 6 and their beautiful girl, Piper 5. They enjoy spending time with their kids’ activities: soccer, guitar, dance, and being close to nature such as farming and gardening.