If you have oral surgery in our office, here are the post operative care instructions to help you feel better faster.

  1. Bleeding: Light to moderate periodic bleeding is expected following oral surgery. If bleeding is persistent, place a pre-moistened gauze or dampened tea bag over the bleeding point and apply pressure by biting or pressing with finger tip. Continue firm pressure for 30 minutes before removing pad and resume if bleeding continues. Do not spit or rinse the first day of surgery.
  2. Pain: Take one or two tylenol every four hours. If you have been supplied a prescription for pain take as directed. Aspirin is not advised because it is a blood thinner and may cause increased bleeding from the surgical site.
  3. Swelling: Peak swelling is expected 48-60 hours following surgery. Ice applied to the sides of the face is of some help, but do not leave ice bag in contact with skin for longer than twenty minutes out of every forty. After four hours, use ice only if it makes you feel better. Do not apply moist heat unless previously directed.
  4. Diet: The sooner you can eat normally again, the better. Try a nutritious liquid diet at first and as soon as you feel comfortable, resume your solid foods. Avoid spicy foods and extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.
  5. Oral Hygiene: Great care should be exercised to brush and rinse at least three times daily beginning the day after surgery. Vigorous brushing of the surgical site is not recommended  immediately following surgery, but gentle care to this area is necessary to promote healing and avoid infection.
  6. Contact the office at (909) 484-4888 should a temperature of over 100° occur even if you are taking adequate fluids, or if swelling recurs after returning to normal.